Experienced Homebirth Midwife

   Serving Georgetown, Temple, Round Rock, Killeen and surrounding areas Sandra can boast 25 years  of birthing experience including over 700 homebirths,  and water births. Sandra Tallbear is a Certified Nurse-Midwife and an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. She is an expert in healthy, safe home births. She has been assisting women to have  water births since 1996 and has 15 years of hospital experience.


    It is important to choose the midwife that you trust. A midwife who upholds the safety of mother and baby. A midwife who has integrity. A midwife willing to listen to you, and focus on YOU during your birth, and who supports you. It is also important to have a midwife who will speak honestly. Not all intended home births will happen at home. Every midwife has a transport rate whether the midwife is actually tracking their stats or not. We track our transport stats.  



Compassionate Care 

     Prenatal care is designed to fit your needs; home births, birth center births, and water births. The NBC has prenatal clinics in  Round Rock and Salado, for your convenience.


     When you choose The Natural Birthing Center, you get personalized, one-on-one care.  One on one care is the hallmark of midwifery. You'll have the support of someone who's committed to you and your birth.  Your midwife will be the midwife you know and trust.



Affordable & Flexible

   The Natural Birthing Center treats you respect and consideration.  Your prenatal care, delivery, postpartum care, and newborn care for the first 6 weeks after delivery is part of your birth package. It is discussed and in writing. We do not add surprise costs.


    When planning for the cost of your delivery-  The Natural Birthing Center is often less than the insurance deductible for a typical hospital birth! While we are cash only, we  help you file a claim with your insurance to get the best reimbursment. The insurance check will come directly to you. 

Experienced homebirth midwife Round Rock, TX

  The Natural Birthing Center offers a range of services including waterbirth and or birth center care. We also provide well women care such as pap smears.  We serve Georgetown, Round Rock, Leander, Burnet, Salado, Temple and Killeen areas. We limit the number of clients we see per month so that we can fully focus on you.  We would love to get to know you and be part of the joy of your pregnancy, birth, delivery and first weeks as a new mother. We are here for you.    


We offer a free tour of the birth center and/or interview--call today to schedule your tour!


     We schedule 45 minute prenatals to give you  plenty of time to discuss your concerns. If this is your first homebirth or birth center birth, you will have lots of questions. We expect that, and welcome questions--even hard ones.
     We want you and your family to have the best experience possible, whether it is at home or in our Salado birth center, or the Round Rock birth center.  


      It may take a few visits to truly get to know your midwife.  It is the experience and calmness of the midwife--one who listens to you, and works with you side by side in partnership throughout your pregnancy--that makes your birth special. There are midwives who will tell you what you want to hear, and there are midwives who will be honest and bless you in strong, supportive ways. Midwives are not all alike, and there's a midwife for every mother.


     Salado is centrally located 20 minutes north of Georgetown, and 15 minutes south of Temple. It is a pleasant and quick drive from Georgetown to Salado.  The Round Rock Birthing Center is just off of University drive, less than 3 minutes from two hospitals and within 3 miles of three hospitals. 





What we hear from our clients is that NOT all midwives are the same.  They are both surprised and pleased that we stand above the rest. I believe it is due to our core beliefs. 


     We know that the birth of a baby can be a powerful, healing, and  life-changing experience.  At the Natural Birthing Center your care is personalized to meet your needs.  My goal is to support you, and your  partner to have a beautiful out of hospital birth experience. Birth can and should be a blissful experience; not some traumatic thing that leaves you wondering how your birth could have been improved. 


     We know that a woman remembers her  birth her whole life. Should it not be gentle, powerful and a wonderful memory? Due to the nature of birth, it may not always be gentle.  It does not always go the way you like it to.  At the Natural Birthing Center we do our best to meet your birth experience with gentleness and safety while supporting your needs and wishes.  At The Natural Birthing Center we respect choice.  We  listen to you.  We support your choices.


     We know that one can have a beautiful birth while being safely attended to with respect and gentleness.  I believe a midwife partners with you, and protects your privacy and seeks to fulfill your needs by offering choices, and respecting your choices. 


     To get to this place of optimal birthing we are sitting in prenatal appointments, addressing inner fears and barriers. We are taking the time to get to know one another, create comfort.  I am listening to your ideas for your birth. You may mention the reasons the last birth was not ideal, or was traumatic. We talk about diet, exercise,  birth and parenting preparation.  As time moves forward  toward the day you will meet your little one face to face  we talk about your birth in greater detail.  I respect your birth plan.  When that day arrives, during your birth, my focus is on you.  I believe in the golden rule.  I treat you the way I would like to be treated.  With respect. With the knowledge that this is your birth. I am a  guest at your birth to ensure you and your baby's safety, and to guide the birth energy toward your optimum birth and healthy motherhood. 







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It is my joy to serve you!
For homebirths, which includes home waterbirths, we travel to:

North Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Burnet, Leander, Cedar Park, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Temple, Belton, Georgetown, Taylor, Thrall, Holland, Lampasas, Academy.


We have offices in Round Rock and Salado for your convenience.


     The Natural Birthing Center offers many great birth preparation gatherings. Some are free, and some are low cost.  We encourage you to take advantage of these classes when you can.  For more information, join us on our closed group on Facebook "Natural Birthing Center" and request to join. 

At the NBC we seek to be a blessing at your birth.


We believe in birth.


We believe in your ability to give birth safely and joyfully at home or at our birth center.


We are here to support your journey through pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks post-delivery.


We want the best for you, your family and the birth of your baby.


We understand that who is present at your birth can make a powerful diffirence in your experience of birthing.


The midwife you choose is the midwife who will be there for you during your labor and birth.


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  • The Natural Birthing Center does not share call schedules, and unlike many other birthing centers, it's not a group practice.
  • Sandra Tallbear is the old-fashioned kind of midwife!

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